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Campus To Corporate


Completing college is a huge life achievement and you earn it by completing endless assignments, passing tests, enduring sleepless nights and many other sacrifices. Next, you hope that companies will line up for you with your dream jobs. Unfortunately, there are millions of others who also have similar expectations.
While searching for your first job, you find out that your resume is not getting shortlisted, or you are unable to get past the group discussion stage. Sometimes, you get the opportunity for a personal interview, but are unable to secure the offer letter and don't know where you went wrong. Reality strikes when dream companies and jobs keep getting distant and in your frustration and depression, you start lowering the bar for company and job profiles.
This happens because of the vast gap that exists between the graduate just stepping off campuses and the skill sets and work ethics which are required by the corporates. Along with being proficient at the technical aspects of the job, youngsters are also expected to work well in teams, be results oriented and bottom line conscious & possess good interpersonal skills and work etiquettes, which most are sadly lacking.

Need for a Campus to Corporate Training

Everyone goes through a huge transformation when stepping off their campuses. And not only is this change huge, but also fast and leaves with little time to make up for mistakes. Even small errors can result in huge opportunity losses and slow down your career progress. In the absence of a mentor, it is imperative that you take responsibility to make the best of this transformation and learn the skills before being put to the test.

How our campus to corporate training will help you?

We have designed a complete package of skills training which will help you to adapt easily to corporate culture. Campus to Corporate Training comprises of leadership training, mock interviews, business etiquette, communication etiquette, resume writing, industry wise crucial knowledge and much more. We prepare you to stand out in a crowd. You will always be ahead of your peers and adapt easily to the corporate culture with utmost confidence. At the end of this programme, you will find yourself transformed from a college student to a corporate professional.

Course Highlights

  • Programme designed to address industry needs
  • Results oriented training emphasising on skills
  • Domain experts and industry veterans to conduct sessions
  • Group discussion sessions
  • Personal Interviews
  • Learn Microsoft Excel
  • Design your unique CV/ resume

Course Benefits

    Post the training you will find yourself more successful in

  • Group discussions and personal interviews
  • Working on Microsoft Excel
  • Understanding and imbibing Business Etiquettes
  • Sharing your attractive and unique resume