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HR Training


Management of Human Resources is considered to be one of the most challenging verticals of any business. Since the Industrial Revolution, most businesses have been managing 5 M's: man, materials, machines, minutes & money; to operate successfully. But of these, it is only "Man" who has intellect and independent will. And so, it is the managing of "Man" which makes Human Resources Management so unpredictable, exciting, but also intellectually stimulating. Some of the most skilled managers go on to become Directors of training and development, Employee Relations Manager, Staffing Director, HR Generalist and so on.

Challenges to progress in HR

HR Education in India is segmented into different categories - post-graduation, graduation, diploma, certification programme, and now a days, even online courses. There's no denying that these are some of the most popular courses available to students as well as young HR professionals and are considered a prerequisite for a career in HR.

Unfortunately, majority of these programmes are content heavy with a lot of emphasis on either classroom or online learning. For candidates undergoing these, the end result is accumulation of theoretical knowledge with little regards to the use or application. Moreover, these courses fail to keep candidates abreast on industry best practices, the latest technologies as well as key trends and innovations. The out-dated syllabi alongwith inadequate skills and little exposure to practical management results in "mass-produced, robot-like" candidates who flounder in their jobs. Young professionals find themselves boxed into their narrow functions with few opportunities to shine at cross-function profiles and progress in their career.

Need for Human Resources Courses

Corporates prefer recruiting candidates who have previous experience of the same functions. While there is no denying the importance of theory, those candidates who can marry the theory with advanced technical and management skills have better odds in securing jobs and sustaining their career progress.
Inorder to hone their technical and management skills, HR Training programmes which emphasize on the practical applicability of skills are recommended. At Tyro Ventures, we have designed one such programme. Our years of experience & interactions with HR Departments in leading corporates have brought to our attention the skill gaps which exist in conventional HR courses. By bringing in domain experts and industry veterans, and focusing on live recruitment software training, industry best practices, designing of salary structure and legal and statutory norms, we ensure that candidates are corporate ready from day one.

Course Highlights

  • Recruitment
  • Payroll processing
  • HR Generalist
  • Programme designed to address industry needs
  • Results oriented training emphasising on skills
  • Domain experts and industry veterans to conduct sessions

Course Benefits

After successful completion of this training, you will be eligible for the following job profiles:

  • HR Executive
  • Payroll Executive
  • HR Admin
  • HR Recruiter