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Marketing Training


Marketing is one of the most challenging industries in every developing country including India. This industry is on the forefront of the economy challenging professionals every day. One of the most prominent thing that is heard about marketing is that if you are not innovating enough, you are not doing right. The Marketing department of any company is one of the closest department that works hand in hand with the top executives of the company. You must be well aware of the marketing and advertisement wars between rival companies trying to outline each other.

Marketing and its Importance

One of the most under-talked secrets about marketing is that there is no marketing without sales. You need to closely monitor the effect on sales which are direct results of marketing campaigns. Marketing departments of companies are responsible to maintain the brand image and hence, every company chooses its marketing executives and managers very cautiously.

You cannot progress better in your marketing career without proper guidance and tips which can achieve only by following mentors or undergoing marketing training courses. In the recent times, there has been a heavy influx of marketing managers undergoing training at digital marketing classes to gain knowledge about digital marketing. You have to maintain your pace with the trend to survive in the marketing industry.

Why opt for Marketing Training Courses?

Most of the times, Marketing aspirants and freshers don't find appropriate opportunities and experience to move forward faster in their career. A quick marketing training course will make them aware of the recent trends and developments in the industry and how they can market better by closely working on sales. Marketing classes which make you aware of what is expected to be in future are the right place for you. We plan our curriculum based purely on the practical experiences across various sectors making you a true marketing expert.

Course Highlights

  • Market Research
  • ATL/BTL Activation
  • Marketing Plan
  • New Product Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Marketing Communication

Learning Objective

After Completion of this course you will be eligible for the following Job Profile:

  • Research Analyst
  • Marketing Executive
  • Event Executive
  • Corporate Communication
  • Marketing Co-ordinator