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Recruitment Services

Introduction to Recruitment

"You are only as good as the people you hire" goes the popular saying. And recruiters have always been in the quest of hiring the brightest and the best. Traditionally, this tools available were limited to newspaper ads and flyers. But their limitations in reach as well as the sluggish responses for time-sensitive assignments were sources of perennial headaches for recruiters.

With the development of the internet & the explosion of apps and social media usage, recruiters have also turned tech-savvy and have started using newer & more efficient tools to search, filter & communicate with their chosen ones. Digital hiring processes, audits of social media accounts, as well as interviews arranged over Skype are only a few of the interesting innovations witnessed in the recruitment field today.

At Tyro Ventures, we use the latest in digital innovations and combine them with our experienced personnel to develop customised solutions to your recruitment needs.

Our Services

Executive Hiring

Every organisation needs to hire people, either due to workforce expansion or in response to attrition. The candidates joining should not only be competent individuals, but also be able to work with the legacy team and imbibe the culture of the workplace to ensure smooth transitions. We offer our hiring services to ensure that these recruitment needs are fulfilled & only the best talent with the right attitude is sourced.

HR Process Outsourcing

Nearly all organisations have dedicated HR Department for their personnel. But sometimes, owing to constraints of non-standard work, different laws & geographic diversities, it is cost-prohibitive to staff HR Departments. Nevertheless, organizations do have to comply with the legal and statutory norms applicable, and need the services of professionals who are well versed with these. For such select clients, we provide an opportunity to outsource their HR Department to us.

Payroll Processing

One of the responsibilities of HR Department is to oversee the staffing and payment of the employees as well as contract personnel. Adding to this is the obligation of complying with not only all the different laws governing financial transactions and taxation, but also labour laws, which differ from state to state. For organisations in need of such professionals, we offer Payroll Processing services.


Sometimes, for leadership positions, organisations look at hiring talent from outside their current workforce. In these cases, it becomes imperative that the new talent not only has the aptitude for the job, but also is able to bring about positive changes in the work culture with least negative disruptions. Such requirements calls for recruiters who understand the complexity and sensitivity of the hiring needs, which we offer to our customers.

How We Work

Securing JD from client
Sourcing across mediums
Sharing relevant profiles
Scheduling interviews
Candidate offered
Handholding till joining

Our Work Spans Across

The firm is organised into specific practices by industry segments with teams focusing on the need of the hour of each of these verticals.

Our Notable Works

Through our extensive work with leading corporates across domains and verticals, we have been successful with connecting leading industry captains with tomorrow's future leaders. Some of our successes are as follows:

  • CEO for a leading Hospitality based company
  • CEO for the Textile Division of a leading Fashion House
  • VP- Sales for a leading Manufacturing based company
  • GM- Sales and Marketing for a Sri Lankan based FMCG & Hospitality company
  • GM- Operations for a leading Hospitality based company
  • VP - Sales for a leading Fashion House & Exports based company
  • Head - HR Operations for a leading Oil and Gas Industry based company
  • National Sales Head for a leading exporter of Food Products
  • Head - Retail Sales & Channels for a renowned Personal Care Products based company
  • DGM- Sales and Marketing for a leading FMCG based company
  • Head- Sales for a leading Real Estate based company
  • GM - Finance for a renowned Shipping Industry based company
  • IR Head for a leading Logistics based company
  • Factory Head for a leading Fashion house
  • Production Head for a leading Events and Entertainment based company
  • Creative Head for a leading Events and Entertainment based company
  • Product Head for a renowned company in the field of E-Commerce
  • Factory Manager for a leading Food Products based company
  • Quality Manager for a leading FMCG company
  • Project Head - High Rise for a leading Real Estate based company
  • Regional Sales Manager for a leading FMCG company
  • Branch Manager for a leading Shipping based company